Types of Child Care In Nerang

Being a parent is one of the most exciting things to almost every couple. However, there is also a great challenge when it comes to giving care and attention to the baby, especially if both parents are working. Once the maternity and paternity leaves are over, both the parents will need to go back to work. For this reason, they will need to decide how their child will be taken care of in their absence.

At times this is more challenging, especially because the parents do not know what is best for their child yet all they want is giving them the best they have. Parents are confused on the type of child care that they should give to their children, but by the end of the day, they have to select one of the different types of child care available in Nerang.

For you to choose the best type of child care for your child, as a  parent, you need to know the different types of child care and what each type entails. The following are some of the types of child care in Nerang that you can decide to give your daughter or son.

1.         Mother’s helper

This is a type of child care which involves someone younger than you providing care to your child but in your presence. In this type of child care, the person providing the care to your child does not have the experience, but they are trying to learn from what you are doing. For this reason, this type of child care is mostly applicable when the mother is still on maternity leave, and when the mother is not working. The helper takes care of the child when the parent is doing some duties.

2.         Babysitter child care

This is the other type of child care that is also present in Nerang. A babysitter is someone you hire to take care of your child for some time. In simple terms, the babysitter is known for babysitting. However, you can also assign some more duties such as assisting your kid with homework, preparing food for the kids, travelling with your kids to some activities and putting your kids down for bedtime and naps.

3.         Nanny

A nanny is a person who you hire and also begins to live with you to provide care for your child or children. Most parents in Nerang choose to hire nannies, especially because they work far away from their homes. For this reason, they leave very early in the morning and come back too late in the evening. Nannies are experienced in taking care of children and hence they can be trusted. They not only take care of the children but they also assist in other house chores

4.         Au Pair

Some of the parents in Nerang do not love their children being taken care of by people from Nerang. For this reason, they hire people from other countries to live with them as they take care of their children.  This type of child care is called Au pair.  The people hired for this type of child care are only supposed to take care of the children, and hence they do not help with any household chores.

5.         Daycare and child care centres

In this type of child care, there are centres set for child care like Kinder Cottage in Nerang. The owners of the facilities hire caregivers who take care of their child. You agree on the time to take your child and pick them depending on how busy you are at work.

6.         Home daycare centre

This type of child care is offered by a caregiver but in their homes. They are also known as family daycare centres. The number of children taken care of is very few, and hence your child is given the attention they need. The caregivers are also experienced.

7.         Relative Care

This type of child care involves relative taking care of your child. The main advantage of this type of child care is that your child is taken care of by someone you already know, and hence you can trust them.

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