The Importance of High School in Coomera

There are different stages of education in every country around the globe. A learner needs to qualify from one stage before proceeding to the next stage of education. A high school sits in the middle between elementary/primary school and tertiary level. It takes a learner 4 years to complete high school education to be approved for the next stage in most of the countries.

The age of attending high school in Coomera for most learners lies between 14-18 years. High school provides more advanced knowledge than the elementary level and opens up learners’ minds in different fields. It is not as advanced as the tertiary level education which includes vocational training centres, colleges and universities.

Which is the best between private and public high school in Coomera?

This question has been debated for a couple of years now. Deciding on whether to attend a private or public high school will depend on several factors that affect an individual.

Private high schools are much more expensive than the public schools because they depend entirely on the learners’ fees to fund all their operations. On the other hand, public schools are funded by the government and the students are not charged hefty school fees.

Private schools are well equipped in terms of facilities and technology that can help a learner to master the concepts with ease and learn in an interactive environment. However, public schools have fewer facilities and learners often compete for those facilities.

 In public schools, there are many numbers of learners that usually overwhelm the classrooms. While in private schools, there are usually a few numbers of learners that tend to fit in the classroom.

In private schools, the curriculum is comprehensive and covers numerous perspectives. While public schools follow a strict curriculum that is published by the government.

In private schools Gold Coast, learners get close supervision from teachers and every special need of a learner can be met by a teacher. While in public schools, teachers only interact with a few learners who are active in class and the rest of the students are left to fend for themselves.

Looking at the above comparisons, it is clear that a private school will be more beneficial to the learner as compared to the public high school.

Importance of high school education

High school education is important in the following ways:

  1. Earn entry to tertiary education – You cannot skip high school and go to college because the knowledge at the high school level will help to open up your mind about what is to follow after. The high school certificate is the entrance to a college/university.
  1. It is a step towards achieving your dreams – Attending college is a step towards realizing your dreams since it gives you the chance to explore more about the world. Some people realise what they want to become in future at the high school level and work towards it.
  1. Get a job after – Most hirers only accept high school certificates as the minimum level of recruiting people for a job. Therefore, as you finish up high school, you might end up securing a well-paying job that can meet your needs.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is at school and his/her needs are being met to provide them with a chance to realise their dreams and figure out what they want to be in future.

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