Selecting the Right Child Care in Darwin

If you are looking for a child care in Darwin, you may already have a few names jotted down in your list. Whether you chose to go for a formal daycare center or an in house one, there are certain things which you need to consider. As a parent you must make sure that you do what in the best interest of your child. Keep these things in mind when searching for a child care service:

See how the care givers treat the children

The first thing you should notice when you visit a child care facility is how the care givers talk to the children. The right method to talk to a child is to come at the child’s eye level and then listen to what they have to say. This stance builds a feeling of trust in the children and keeps them feeling safe and secure. When you visit a child care in Darwin do consider how the staff is interacting with the children. They should have a gentle and attentive manner when speaking to the children. Also consider the number of care givers to the number of children. The ratio should be such that each child is getting the attention they deserve. While it’s not possible to have a one on one ratio, but it should be manageable with about one care giver for every three children.

Get a commitment

Very young children often get attached to their care givers. It’s a relationship which helps children feel more secure. As a parent you should ask for a commitment from your child’s care giver. They should be willing to provide their services for at least a year. This way you can be assured of your child’s wellbeing.

Check out their policies

When you are about to send your child to a day care service you must make sure that they have similar ideas of parenting. For example you may have a specific idea regarding time out. The care givers must have a similar policy of allotting time out to children. The same goes for feeding, snacking and nap times. Being in harmony would bring reassurance to your as a parent. A feeling that your child is experiencing the same situations they would at home.

Visit the facility unannounced

You may have heard a great deal about a child care centre from friends or family. While word of mouth is powerful but you must still try to visit the facility unannounced. This way you can see firsthand on how things are going on. Do the kids look happy? Are they being looked after properly? What are the older children up to? All these things would help you come at the right decision. You can be assured that you are sending your child to the right day care in Darwin.

Go with your instinct

If you feel that your child wouldn’t be happy at a certain day acre despite the rave reviews it’s gotten, you should trust your gut instinct. It’s often something which parents over look in the beginning only to regret their decision later on. If you feel something isn’t right, do look for other options.

There are several child care in Darwin, just make sure you choose one which is right for your child.

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