A boarding should represent the literary version of the phrase, “the home of learning.” This is what boarding schools in Queensland provide- a home and all-around learning.

They have a strong reputation for creating an enabling environment for students from all walks of life to express themselves and interact with people from different cultures. New boarding schools are coming up strong and also posing a strong challenge for the boarding schools that have been around since the 1990s.

One might wonder, why choose boarding schools in Queensland for your child?

The reasons differ from family to family, but the key reasons why you might want your child to learn away from home are as follows:

  • To develop the child’s self-confidence and social skills – a lot of youths can only learn to be more expressive when they are far from home. Social skills are vital and living far from home will definitely necessitate the development of the skill, and this is something that the Queensland boarding schools are known for.
  • Learning challenges – a specialist setting like that of the Queensland boarding schools is sure to spark the interest of any child enrolling there.
  • Parents work schedule – a lot of parents would like to spend more time with their kids and teach them, but their jobs, unfortunately, keep them away, therefore sending the child to a boarding school is the best way to find balance.
  • Family tradition- In a family where they have always attended boarding schools, it’s quite hard to change it if it is deeply rooted, especially when it is perceived as a good omen or seen as the reason for the success and prosperity of the family.

Globalisation and the immigration rules in Queensland have in recent years, aided the growth of foreign students in boarding schools. Prospects are attracted by the lofty standards with which the schools operate. Also, the cultural diversity has been another attraction which has motivated a lot of students to pick a Queensland boarding school as their choice. After-school care and activities are yet another motivation for certain families as they seek a safe and secure learning and living arrangement in Queensland for their kids.

Queensland provides majorly two boarding options at independent schools, which are;

  • Boarding
  • Homestay

 Though there are schools that provide both options.

Boarding Schools

The main ideology of a boarding school is creating an environment that is home and also a school. Students under this program can choose between a weekday or a full-time accommodation which spans through a week. Junior years are fun, but senior years are even better as they get to enjoy more privacy, better accommodations in single or double decked rooms.

Extra-curricular activities are also a thing to look up to, like excursions and entertainment.

Learning is more fun with well-equipped school libraries and steady computer access; after all, they say the computer is the world’s biggest library.

Feeding is also of high priority with chefs who make sure the students are fed on balanced meals.


This refers to a schooling system where the students get to mix with different households. Learn from different environments and people. This is a more communal schooling system, and it helps because it broadens the perspective of the students and also the hosts. Even the government is encouraging this idea since it only fosters unity and cohesion.