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PICK Actor of the Year is IRON MAN 3's Ty Simpkins

Written by Tara the Mom    Monday, 17 March 2014 00:00   

UPDATE: Iron Man 3 kid co-star Ty Simpkins is the PICK Actor Award winner! As Harley Keener, Ty proved he could go toe-to-toe with the great Robert Downey, Jr. and be the ultimate comic foil to Tony Stark. We wouldn't mind seeing Harley promoted from remote assistant to Iron Man sidekick! You can tell Ty congratulations on Twitter @TYSIMPKINSactor.

Feb. 17, 2014 - Which boy actor astounded you this year? In the PICK Awards, you get to vote for the kid actor you think did the BEST job of all the movies last year. Check out the nominees and then go vote on the home page of KidsPickFlicks!

Asa Butterfield, Ender's Game. Asa brought the book to life - showing us that intellect can triumph over muscles as Ender Wiggin, a kid who is bullied chosen to lead an army.

Cameron Boyce, Grown Ups 2. We don't have to get "chocolate wasted" to appreciate that  making us laugh as hard as Cameron did isn't easy.

Jaden Smith, After Earth. Jaden shows us it would be really scary to be alone on an abandoned planet, when only you can save your injured dad! Luckily, he also shows us what it's like to find courage. 

Kenton Duty, Contest. Actors love to show their "range," and bullying victim turned bully Matt couldn't be more different than Kenton's "Shake It Up" character Gunther!

Ty Simpkins, Iron Man 3. We didn't think Tony Stark needed a sidekick until we met Harley. We hope he makes it into future Avengers movies!




PICK Actress Award Winner is a Thief

Written by Tara the Mom    Monday, 17 March 2014 00:00   

UPDATE: The winner of the PICK Actress Award acted the heck out of some difficult subject matter. French-Canadian actress Sophie Nélisse is mesmerizing throughout The Book Thief, which deals with a once-illiterate girl who grows up in Nazi-run Germany and comes to realize that if her country "wins" the war, no one wins. Pretty tricky stuff - Congrats, Sophie!

Feb. 22, 2012 - So many amazing performances from young actresses this year, we couldn't limit to just five - check out the choices and then vote in the poll to the right!

Abigail Breslin, Ender's Game: Valentine Wiggin isn't just Ender's sister, she's really his only friend. Abigail really made us feel her love for Ender!

China Anne McClain, Grown Ups 2: Charlotte's awkward if not reluctant entry into the dating world with Bumpty is hilarious and when she belts out a song at the party at the end of the movie, we're all cheering for her!

Hailee Steinfeld, Romeo & Juliet: Hailee brought one of the most iconic literary characters of all time to life AND she made Shakespeare easy to understand!

Joey King, White House Down: Joey won the PICK Actress Award a few years ago for Ramona & Beezus. This year, she was amazing as Channing Tatum's brave daughter Emily (and by the way, notice her other big role this year - China Doll in Oz the Great & Powerful - is also nominated in the Best New Character category) - what CAN'T Joey do?

Katherine McNamara, Contest: The crush of a bullying victim, that's been done. But with Kat's performance, Sarah becomes the avatar for the audience as we see Tommy through her eyes. 

Sophie Nélisse, The Book Thief: Growing up in Germany during World War II would be terrifying and poor Liesl has to deal with the death of her brother, the abandonment of her mother, new parents, a new town...and then oh yeah, scary Nazis taking people out of their homes and throwing them into concentration camps. We feel it all through Liesel's eyes, including the joy reading and writing can bring in bleak times.  

Go vote for PICK Actress now - as well as the other categories in the PICK Awards! Award winners will be announced Wed., Feb. 26!



PICK Awards: Movie of the Year!

Written by Tara the Mom    Monday, 17 March 2014 00:00   

UPDATE: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is the victor! Katniss and Peeta's return The Games in The Quarter Quell won the PICK Movie of the Year award, beating out the competitors with 38% of the vote. "Catching Fire won over kids because it was action-packed with some unexpectedly funny scenes, an amazing plot twist and a cliffhanger – so the audience was left holding their breath," says Riley Roberts, the 12-year old president of KidsPickFlicks.

Feb. 14, 2014 - Which movie was the BEST of 2013? We don't need The Academy, we just need YOU. You decide the best movie of the year when you vote in the 8th Annual KidsPickFlicks PICK Awards (vote in the column to the right)! Here are the nominees:

Epic. This animated movie was actually the best reviewed movie of the year!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Katniss and Peeta's return to the Games was so compelling that it's the most nominated movie in the PICK Awards this year. 

Frozen. It turns out everyone wants a sister with snow powers and a snowman for a friend - especially if they sing!

Monsters University. Kid critics say it was fun and somewhat comforting to see the monsters we grew up with starting college...just as many of the kids who saw it in theaters start high school and college themselves. 

Despicable Me 2. Minions took over summer time, I guess there's something about a villain who turns into a good guy once we has three awesome daughters that audiences just loved.

Support the film you think is the BEST by voting to the right (you do have to click your choice and then click on VOTE for each category). The winners will be announced Feb. 26. Go vote now!



Meet CAPTAIN AMERICA's New Friend, The Falcon. You'll Be Glad You Did.

Written by Dave B.    Saturday, 15 March 2014 15:40   

Captain America seems like The Avenger with it all. He's got super strength, super speed, he's not a thunderous demi-god, and he doesn't have to hide the face the fact that he's a raging green giant. Really, if we could chose to be any of the Marvel heroes, it would have to be Cap.

Of course, there are still some things we're not 100% envious of. Because he was unfrozen just a few years ago, Captain America isn't exactly able to fit in with the times, and he's having trouble finding people to trust.

Sometimes you have to find trust in complete strangers, and that's where Sam Wilson comes in. Anthony Mackie stars as The Falcon, a SHIELD recruit who specializes in air combat. You can check out Marvel's newest feature on The Falcon, and learn all about the upcoming addition to The Avengers.

Don't miss out on any of the action when Captain America: The Winter Soldier heads to theaters on April 4. We can't wait!



Written by Dave B.    Saturday, 15 March 2014 11:44   

Muppets Most Wanted is heading to theaters in less than a week, and the Muppets will be going hard. All. Weekend. Long.

Gonzo isn't just one of the most fearless Muppets out there, but really, we can't think of anything that will perform crazier stunts than him, and next weekend, he'll be jumping into the NASCAR mix.

Okay, so we're not entirely sure if it's legal for a Muppet to race in NASCAR, but we're fine with him acting as Grand Marshal. Gonzo will be at the Auto Club Speedway for the Auto Club 400. There, he'll be spouting those classic words "Drivers, Start Your Engines!"

When asked about his role in the Auto Club 400, Gonzo said "Going around in circles as fast as possible is how I got my start, so it's a real honor to be named Grand Marshal of this year's Auto Club 400! For me, it's right up there with sword-juggling, bog-snorkeling and competitive dentistry."

The entire event will be televised live at noon (PT) on Sunday, March 23 on Fox. And don't forget to check out Muppets Most Wanted when it heads to theaters on March 21! See what kid crix had to say about it HERE (and, of course, Crix It after you see the movie by writing your OWN review!).


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