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Written by Tara the Mom    Wednesday, 28 April 2010 09:29   

3D is the future whether you like the glasses or not. That's because theaters can charge more for 3D tickets. Now, films that got just so-so reviews are getting promoted to a franchise with sequels coming for Journey to the Center of the Earth (one of the first modern day live-action 3D films offered up) and Clash of the Titans (which has been ripped by 3D spearheader Jeffrey Katzenberg for doing a lame job of converting to 3D at the last minute).

Sam Worthington (pictured right) is contractually obligated to return to Clash and director Louis Leterrier will return as an exec producer for Legendary Pictures/Warner Brothers.

Journey will now focus on Josh Hutcherson's (pictured left) character because word is that Brendan Fraser won't be returning nor will director Eric Brevig who has a scheduling conflict with Yogi Bear.

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Peter Jackson Changes Focus from HOBBITS to Knighthood

Written by Tara the Mom    Wednesday, 28 April 2010 09:21   

Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson is now a knight. Queen Elizabeth II appointed the writer-producer-director for his contributions to the arts in New Zealand. Jackson was knighted by New Zealand's Governor General who is the head of state there. Jackson has significantly boosted the economy of the Kiwi nation by bringing in all sorts of film production for decades. He's now addressed as Sir Peter Jackson to reflect his new status.


Ice Cube and Woody Harrelson Scandalized

Written by Tara the Mom    Wednesday, 28 April 2010 09:05   

Ice Cube (Are We There Yet?, pictured left), Woody Harrelson (2012) and Ben Foster (X-Men: The Last Stand) have signed to star in Rampart about the scandal that rocked the Los Angeles Police Department in the 1990s. The troubled came from the anti-gang unit CRASH (Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums) which erupted into reports of police-involved shootings, beatings, burglaries, bank robberies as well as planting evidence, framing suspects, perjury and covering up evidence.

Noted author and screenwriter James Ellroy wrote the script for LightStream Pictures. The project reteams director Oren Moverman with Harrelson and Foster; they worked together on the critically-acclaimed The Messenger which nabbed Harrelson an Oscar nomination.

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Sarah Silverman to WALTZ with Seth Rogen

Written by Tara the Mom    Wednesday, 28 April 2010 08:53   

Sarah Silverman (School of Rock) will play the sister of Seth Rogen (The Green Hornet) in Sarah Polley's indie dramedy Take This Waltz. The story follows a woman (Michelle Williams) who continually cheats on her boyfriends and finally realizes that she's addicted to that new relationshp feeling.

Polley is an indie-favorite actress (Go) who has quickly gained respect and credibility as a screenwriter and director with Away With Her which garnered an Oscar nomination for lead actress Julie Christie. Incidentally, Polley started as a kid actor who played Ramona in the 1988 TV series "Ramona" based on the Beverly Cleary books.

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Vampires Keep Terrorizing Theaters in BLOOD NATION

Written by Tara the Mom    Wednesday, 28 April 2010 08:42   

The vampire trend is continuing its eternal takeover of the multiplex with the feature adaptation of the Plantinum comicbook series "Blood Nation." The story is about a country that has been taken over by the bloodsucking undead and sealed off. Many years later, the vampires are figuring out how to escape and now a small force of human beings have to travel into the country to solve the problem before all mankind becomes food.

Platinum is taking a note from Marvel and is making movies from its own properties. It has teamed up with Alexandra Milchan's Emjag Productions and the deal was put together by book-to-movie masters The Greenberg Group.

Platinum is currently working on Cowboys vs. Aliens with Steven Spielberg, DreamWorks, Imagine Entertainment, and Universal Studios.

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