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Win THE NUT JOB on Blu-Ray Combo Pack!

Written by Tara the Mom    Monday, 07 April 2014 22:37   

We want to make you go NUTS so we're giving away a copy of the squirrely animated action-comedy The Nut Job.

To enter, just tweet us @KidsPickFlicks or email us at Tara@KidsPickFlicks with makes YOU a total nut job! Is it your favorite food, music or the opposite - your little brother who drives you crazy? The winner will be picked at random on April 15, the day The Nut Job is for sale on Blu-Ray Combo Pack - the only rule is the winner must live in the U.S.

By the way, don't wait on us - The Nut Job is available to download on Digital HD starting today.

Find out more about The Nut Job on its review page by clicking HERE.

And WIN - just tweet or email us NOW to enter! 


Are Pop Culture's Top 5 Squirrels NUT JOBS?

Written by Administrator    Monday, 07 April 2014 19:24   

Nut Job's Buddy and SurlyThe Nut Job centers around Surly The Squirrel, and his group of critter-friends as they try to keep their colony of animals from starving in the winter. While the story and characters in the film are unique, this is hardly the first time a squirrel has been in the spotlight. In support of the April 15th Blu-ray and DVD release of the film (click HERE to win a copy!), we've compiled a list of the most famous squirrels to leave an impact on pop-culture.

Squirrels in Pop Culture

Rocket J SquirrelRocky, "Rocky & Bullwinkle" – Rocket J. Squirrel was the first squirrel to reach national superstardom. From 1959-1964, he was one of the stars of the animated show, Rocky and His Friends, as well as the Bullwinkle Show. He and his friend Bullwinkle lived in the fictional town of Frostbite Falls, Minnesota - where they often embarked on various adventures.

ScratScrat, Ice Age – Scrat certainly understand the struggles of Surly and the rest of The Nut Job group. His sole goal in the Ice Age films was to store and protect his prized acorn. He was so obsessed with it, he risked his life on multiple occasions to protect it.

Animaniacs' Slappy and SkippySlappy & Skippy, "Animaniacs" – Much like Rocky, Slappy is also a long time squirrel-veteran of the entertainment industry. She first appeared in various episodes of the Looney Tunes from 1930-1969. Later in life, the grumpy, elderly squirrel moved in with her nephew Skippy, in order to be a part of WB's "Animaniacs." Skippy is completely the opposite of Slappy, as he is overly excitable and always very chipper.

Sandy CheeksSandy Cheeks, "Spongebob Squarepants" – Sandy Cheeks has quickly become one of the most recognizable squirrels in the entertainment industry. After debuting in 1999, she has become a regular character on Nickelodeon's "Spongebob Squarepants." Known for her fierce attitude, and loyalty to her friends – she is one Texan you don't want to mess with!

Twiggy the Water Skiing SquirrelTwiggy, The Famous Water-Skiing Squirrel – No "squirrels in pop-culture" list could be complete without Twiggy The Water-Skiing Squirrel. Twiggy first rose to prominence in 1979 after making an appearance on NBC's "Real People" with his trainers, Chuck and Lou Ann Best. Since that time, Twiggy has had successors who have adopted the same name and unique water-skiing ability. Twiggy has gone on to be featured on numerous other shows & films including Vince Vaughn's Dodgeball, Will Ferrell's Anchorman, and even ESPN's Sportscenter's Top 10.



Did Someone Say SUPERSTAR? Lea Michele & Rohan Chand Don't MONKEY Around.

Written by Tara the Mom    Monday, 07 April 2014 00:00   

Rohan ChandLea MicheleUPDATE: Lea Michele ("Glee") and Rohan Chand (Jack and Jill) will voice the main characters in the animated musical Bollywood Superstar Monkey. Enchanted director Kevin Lima is helming.

Jan. 12, 2011 - DreamWorks Animation will be doing its first animated musical: Monkeys of Bollywood. The story is based on the Hindy epic poem "The Ramayana" about two monkeys who set out to save the ancient world from a demon. Slumdog Millionaire composer A.R. Rahman ("Jai Ho") will have scoring and music responsibilities, Broadway lyricist Stephen Schwartz (Prince of Egypt, "Glee") will contribute to the songwriting.

Source: Variety


ISLAND OF LEMURS: MADAGSCAR Premiere - Why Lemurs are So Awesome

Written by Star Reporter Cassandra    Friday, 04 April 2014 15:48   

It's a rare experience to interview legend Morgan Freeman on the red carpet. It's an even rarer experience to interview a lemur on the red carpet. (See me do both by scrollilng down to see the video!)

At the Island of Lemurs: Madagascar world premiere in front of the California Science Center IMAX Theater, a red carpet is rolled out in front of posters of the movie and plant decorations. After an hour of waiting, the very first guest on the carpet arrives: a common brown lemur perched on the shoulders of a lemur caretaker. This playful little lemur jumps from shoulder to shoulder, surprising guest celebrities walking down the carpet. Oohs and aahs come from the crowd of passersby visiting the museum.

ISLAND OF LEMURS Dr. Patricia WrightDr. Patricia Wright, a primatologist who is featured in the movie, explains the lemurs' countenance as a reflection on their lifestyle. "They have that calm sort of Zen approach to life. You look into their eyes and say, 'oh wow, such beautiful animals.' They're not stressed. They really take life easy," she says. 

There is simply something about the lemurs that audiences are attracted to. Dr. Mireya Mayor, an anthropologist who studies lemurs, identifies the X-Factor as the combination of a few famliar things. "It's sort of like babies—everyone loves babies. [Lemurs] have these big beautiful eyes and they're covered in sort of panda-ish fur," she says. "To me, lemurs look like characters out of a Dr. Seuss book. They're so funky and weird-looking and beautiful. They're incredibly social animals as most humans."

Talk about social: during my interviews, a three-year-old black-and-white ruffed lemur named Remington nearly leaped onto my mic! He consistently played with my microphone throughout the interview, always trying to hop onto another person's shoulder. At the end of the interview, I even got to pet his soft, furry back! It was an incredible experience to come face to face with the sociable inquisitive animals, the oldest living primate endemic to the island of Madagascar. Like Morgan Freeman says, "They are so much like us!"

Experience lemurs in 3D and IMAX in Island of Lemurs: Madagascar!


BATMAN VS SUPERMAN Adds 3 Butt-Kicking Actors

Written by Dave B.    Friday, 04 April 2014 10:47   

Three new actors have just been added to the highly anticipated Batman vs. Superman adventure that will be landing in theaters in 2016, and all three of them have had experience somehow in the superhero/comic book world.

Holly Hunter is a face you might not be familiar with, but her voice will be instantly recognizable as Elastigirl's from Disney and Pixar's The Incredibles.

Callan Mulvey will star in BATMAN VS SUPERMANCallan Mulvey is in theaters right now, kicking butt with the best of 'em in 300: Rise of an Empire.

Meanwhile, we got to see what Tao Okamoto was made of last year in The Wolverine, she played Mariko, Logan's ally in Japan.

Tao OkamotoWhile we're still in the dark about what roles these actors will be taking on, it's great to know that Batman vs Superman is moving along nicely, and we cannot wait to check it out in theaters on May 6, 2016!


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