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MRS. DOUBTFIRE 2: Robin Williams Returns, Mara Wilson Doesn't

Written by Dave B.    Thursday, 17 April 2014 09:18   

Cast of Mrs. DoubtfireUPDATE: Mara Wilson, the actress who played the adorable Natalie Hillard in the first movie, has just tweeted out saying that "sequels generally suck unless they were planned..." We're sad to hear that it's unlikely she'll return, but we're still excited for the show to go on!

April 17, 2014 - It's been 21 years since Robin Williams put on a wig, dress, and some makeup, and he's ready to bring one of our favorite little old ladies is out from retirement!

If we had to describe Mrs. Doubtfire in just one word, we'd have to say "charming." The 1993 movie is about a man going through a divorce and, as a way to see his kids more often, dresses up as a feisty old nanny! It's a movie we still come back to - even to this day!

Mrs. Doubtfire ReturnsWhen we heard the news that Mrs. Doubtfire would be getting a sequel, there was no doubt that we'd be all for it! Robin Williams is all set to return, and he claimed that the writers of the movie were just waiting on the perfect script.

Elf screenwriter David Berenbaum is said to be writing Mrs. Doubtfire 2, and the original director, Chris Columbus is all set to return. Chris Columbus is also known for directing the first two movies in the Harry Potter franchise and has a long history of making great kids' movies.

So what do you think? Have you seen the original Mrs. Doubtfire, and are you ready to see this hip old granny return to the big screen? Let us know in the comments below!




Paul Walker's Brothers Fill In for FAST & FURIOUS 7

Written by Dave B.    Wednesday, 16 April 2014 22:43   

Fast & Furious 7 PosterPaul Walker's sudden passing last November shook us all. He was a renowned actor whose life ended far too soon.

It's no doubt that Paul's biggest legacy in acting came from his role as Brian O'Conner in the Fast and Furious franchise. Fast & Furious 7 was in the middle of shooting when Paul's accident occurred.

Thankfully, the Walker family have banded together in several ways in the past, and now his brothers are stepping up for him on the big screen.

Paul, Cody and Caleb WalkerCaleb and Cody Walker have been reported to stand in as Paul's doubles for the unfinished scenes that Brian O'Conner was set to have a part in. We are simply speechless at how amazing of a gesture this is for the Walker family. It's definitely the perfect way to give the character his send off. 

Fast & Furious 7 is set to premiere in theaters on April 10, 2015. For more news on all of your favorite movies, keep checking back to KidsPickFlicks!


BEAR-y Fun Facts About Olivia Holt

Written by Monkey Riley    Wednesday, 16 April 2014 15:46   

Oliva Holt and Riley RobertsDisneynature's Bears closes with the most beautiful song sung by a pretty incredible girl - Olivia Holt! The Disney Channel star sat down with KidsPickFlicks' Riley to talk about her song and music video "Carry On" - and she shared some fun facts about herself. Did you know:

* Olivia loves bears, but they're not the animal that gets her super gooey inside: "I've had a thing for giraffes for the longest time and I couldn't tell you why. I see them and just -- ooo! -  think they're cute and I love them. Giraffes have always been my favorite animals."

Olivia Holt & Pet Dog* Oliva may not have a giraffe as a pet, but she does have two dogs, cute little Yorkshire terriers named Diesel and... (wait for it)...Scout! Scout is also the name of one of the bear cubs in Bears!

* There's a good reason Olivia is so believable as Lindy on "I Didn't Do It." "I love Lindy, we're very much alike," she says. "We're both very passionate about what we believe in and we both adore our friends to pieces."

Olivia Holt Sings "Carry On"* In the music video for "Carry On," Olivia looks like she's in Alaska, where Bears takes place. But actually, she's never been to Alaska! She says she'd go to the Klondike in a heartbeat. "I would have loved to go," she tells us...and on that note, did you know...

Olivia Holt from I DIDN'T DO IT* Olivia is built to be a world explorer! "I love traveling and I sleep good on planes, so that's a plus! I'm really into being adventurous and going different places and seeing what the life is like there."

* Hmmm, that reminds us of a certain cuddly someone in Bears. Which of the animals in Bears does Olivia relate to the most? "A combinaton of Scout and Amber – I really love being close to my mom [like Amber], but I'm also very adventurous like Scout."

To find out exactly what Olivia means, see Disneynature's Bears this Earth Day weekend...and check out Scout in the clip below. You won't regret it, check out the great reviews for Bears from kids by clicking HERE - and of course, after you see it, Crix It and tell everyone what YOU think!



Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly GUARD Friendship with Trilogy

Written by Dave B.    Wednesday, 16 April 2014 15:27   

John C. Reilly and Will FerrellWill Ferrell and John C. Reilly are back! These two part-time co-stars, full-time best friends are teaming up again for what's sure to become the next biggest laugh riot.

Will and John have been seen together before in movies like Step Brothers and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Now, they're teaming up again with their friend and director Adam McKay in Border Guards.

The two actors will be playing to border patrol agents who accidentally find themselves stuck in Mexico with no identification. Formerly set up to prevent just anyone from entering the United States, now the two guards find themselves at the other end of the stick, and have to sneak their way back into the country without getting caught.

No word on a release date for Border Guards has been set, but you can bet we'll have all the details as they develop. We'll also keep an eye out for other future Ferrell-Reilly movies Devil's Night (Halloween-themed movie announced last October) and Step Brothers 2 (which they keep saying WILL eventually happen). Keep checking back!


KARATE KID 2 Kicks Into Gear (At Last!)

Written by Dave B.    Wednesday, 16 April 2014 14:58   

Jaden Smith will return KARATE KID 2Back in 2010, Jaden Smith proved that The Karate Kid still had plenty of fight left in him. Four years later, we finally got some good news on the highly anticipated sequel!

Earlier this month, it was announced that Breck Eisner would take over as the director for The Karate Kid 2. Breck is known for directing movies like Matthew McConaughey's Sahara.

While there's no release date for The Karate Kid 2 just yet, it's been speculated for a while that Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan will both be returning in their roles from the 2010 movie, and we are okay with that!

Make sure you keep locked on to KidsPickFlicks for news on The Karate Kid 2 as it surfaces, and don't forget - we're the one stop you need for the latest on all of your favorite movies!


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